17 February 2020

The Most Valid Hacking Books to Read In 2020 (Beginners to Experts)

A pentester/hacker comprises of many skills from communication to learning to code and much more. Being a penetration-tester is as hard as building an empire because it requires a lot of knowledge, patience and hard work. Today in this post we will consider knowing about the best hacking books that a hacker must-read.

But, does a hacker only needs knowledge about technology? Does a hacker need to read books? If yes, then what books? If no, then what he does to gain knowledge?

So to all your answers, we are here to guide you. A Hacker is a person who needs to know multiple things and should have enough information to fool the target by his social engineering skills. So not only technology but a hacker should be aware of every domain and he should acquire more and more knowledge from every source he gets in touch with. A most common source of knowledge is "BOOKS". So today we will talk about 7 best hacking books that a hacker must-read.

1. Ghost In The Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker

Level: All Levels
This book was written by Kevin Mitnick in 2011. This book describes the experience of Kevin Mitnick' - the most wanted hacker of all time who turned to white-hat hacker from black hat. Also, Kevin tells in the book how he fooled the government agencies FBI, NSA, and other organizations and kept underground stealing money and data from big corporations. He also tells the whole journey how he became a cybersecurity consultant and left the black hat life.

2. Hacking: The Art Of Exploitation

Level: Beginner
A beginners’ guide or beginners’ book showcases the problems faced by newby hackers/noobies. This book has several solutions to every hacker’s query and has the best solutions in areas of shell, programming, scripting, and exploitation. This book is very cheap and easily be found on the web.

3. Red Team Field Manual: RTFM

Level: Beginner - Intermediate
RTFM was written by Ben Clark for the red team procedures. This book has several bunches of codes, scripts, shells, strings that are required to find loopholes and vulnerabilities in a system. Mostly used by red team, all the codes and scripts are written in Python scripting language which makes it a more powerful book or a "Handbook".

4. Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking

Level: Beginner
This book was written in 2010 and was written by Christopher Hadnagy. As the name suggests, this book has concepts that are required for social engineering. How to extract information from the target and manipulate him through your words, these are some techniques which are stored in this book.

5. The Code Book

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
This book was written by Simon Singh and was published in the year 1999 in New York. This book contains amazing details about codes and ciphers which were used to transmit messages and for communication in ancient times. Also, this book has a great piece of information about cryptography, encryption, decryption, how to send encrypted messages and finding loopholes in the code.

6. CISSP All-In-One Exam Guide

Level: Intermediate - Advance
This book was written by Shon Harris. This book is meant for those people who want to study about CISSP or who are preparing for the CISSP exam (Certified Information Systems Security Professional). CISSP has information about networks, systems, attacks, governance areas of hackers, laws a hacker must follow, rules to be followed while giving the exam and much more.

7. The Hacker’s Playbook

Level: Beginner - Intermediate
This book is written by Peter Kim (CEO of Secure Planet LLC). This book provides a step-by-step guide on penetration testing and how to plan your penetration testing and also some hacking tutorials. If you are at an intermediate level then this book is best for you.

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